Natural aftercare for infant immunizations

It may be a cultural thing, but one of the of the things I remember about my childhood were the home remedies my parents used to take care of me. One of the worst ‘at-the-doctor’ memories I have was when I was 5 and was given a immunization injection with a needle the size of my arm (I’m sure I’m exaggerating but I was 5, give me a break!).
The aftermath of immunizations can be a nightmare. At least I’ve heard it can be. From my understanding, children can get hard knots in their legs as a result of the injection missing a blood vessel and having the fluid injected under the skin, ouch!

My parents always did a saltwater compress and I never suffered from the big swollen red legs. Now, with my own kids, I never take a chance. The saltwater compress is one of the first things I do after my babies get their shots.

Here is the process:

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